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Another video from Comic-con

Dana Ward got all the scoop on season 10 of Supernatural from Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Jeremy Carver at Comic-Con 2014.

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Here are the clips from Comic con I promised. I’m updating this through my phone, as soon as I can, I will add ALL the pics from the convention.

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Later on, I will add the clips from the whole Supernatural panel at Comic-Con, as a teaser here you have Jensen & Misha’s interviews.

Jensen Ackles interview

Misha Collins interview

A friend of mine let me use his pc at his place, that’s why I’m able to make this post without having to use my phone. Unfortunately I can upload all the pics I have from Comic-Con, as he doesn’t have a FTP program, I will try and do that once I have a proper connection, promise!
anyway during the convention we were lucky to have some peeks of what Season 10 is going to be like thanks to Crowley and Castiel, A.K.A. Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins.

ps: during my ‘offline’ period I’m working on huge updates for this site, I want to make it the BEST Supernatural site. so please please spread the word, follow us on twitter and facebook, donate pics, adventures, encounters…
more info on the updates soon.

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I think I’ve find the solution to the twitter problem. be sure you follow us @netsupernatural

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates, I forgot to write the post down. I’m on my summer house where I don’t have a proper internet connection – all I have is my phone with my data plan which to be honest, is crap to update sites. that’s why I’ve decided to set the site (and my other ones, jared-padalecki.net being one of them) on hiatus till the summer is over. You’ve no idea how much I miss updating this site.

anyways, as you all know Comic-Con took place in San Diego and Supernatural’s panel took place on day 4. Nerd HQ made one of the conversations with the crew and here’s the clip.

on other news, I’m checking why our twitter is not synchronized with the site. Don’t forget to follow us there too; I’m sure I’ll find a solution soon.
thanks for understanding.

Here’s what Jensen had to say about direction an episode of the upcoming season and about dean’s relationship with Cas and Crowley

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